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We're very sad that Pasifika (and our bookstall there) will not go ahead this weekend but there is some good news. Read on to find out about our pop-up Pasifika Book event. There are also new book reviews, a reminder about our weekly Story Time, Storylines news and the chance to win a brilliant book.
Pasifika Cancelled!...but....
...we'd love to see you at this alternative event at the shop. Poet Laureate David Eggleton and young Wellington poet Tayi Tibble were both due to perform at Pasifika and have agreed to appear at our pop-up event instead. Tell all your friends and come along for a fun literary afternoon, and amazing Pasifika and Maori books at 10% discount.
Join us on Thursday mornings for a low key but entertaining  half an hour of story time. All ages welcome.
Congratulations to all the authors and illustrators whose books have been made Storylines Notable Books 2020. Mary - co-owner of the shop - has for the last 3 years been on the selection panel for the Notable Books. This involves lots of reading, a detailed scoring system and fierce debate among panelists. It's a tough job to choose the best NZ books for the year but the team of librarians, booksellers and (non-nominated) authors does a great job. Click on this link to see the books on the Storylines website. 
Congratulations to Maria Gill
Maria is the recently announced winner of the Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal 2020, the country’s top award recognising achievement in and contribution to New Zealand children’s literature. She is the author of over 60 non-fiction books for children - her latest, Ice Breaker features in this newsletter. Maria will present the 2020 Margaret Mahy Lecture at the Storylines Margaret Mahy National Awards Day on the afternoon of 5 April where we will be running a bookstall. All lovers of NZ children's books are invited to attend.
Win a signed hardback copy of 'Deeplight' by Frances Hardinge
Costa Award winning novelist Frances Hardinge's latest story of danger, loyalty and sacrifice is stunning - both language and plot will have you gripped. 
Go in the draw to win a copy by replying to this email with the name of another of her books by Friday 20th March.
New Books
Taking the lead: How Jacinda Adern Wowed the World
by David Hill and Phoebe Morris (NZ author and illustrator)
According to David Hill in the latest picture book in his series about famous New Zealanders, Jacinda Adern is someone who just gets on with things.The book is a chronological biography of our world-famous current prime minister - from her early years in rural Waikato, to her first experience of political work, and on to her election as prime minister, the birth of baby Neve and Jacinda’s response to last year’s mosque shootings. David has tied the various aspects of her life together and provided inspiration for the younger generation by depicting Jacinda as a person who is ‘going places’ and someone who despite criticism and difficulties- just gets on with things! Like the other books in the series, Taking the Lead: How Jacinda Wowed the World, has been illustrated in a bold, colourful style by Phoebe Morris. A great book for all families to encourage knowledge about politics and inspire young people to make a difference.
Ages 4-8 and beyond. Hardback $25 
Kia Kaha! Together Stand Strong
by June Pitman-Hayes and Minky Stapleton

(NZ author and illustrator) 
Written in response to the horror of last year's Christchurch shootings, this book and accompanying song highlights the values of kindness, caring, and looking out for each other, in a playful way for NZ children. It shows a diverse array of kiwi children playing together and supporting one another when things go wrong. This is the third collaboration between June Pitman-Hayes (author and songwriter) and Minky Stapleton illustrator. The song, sung in English and Te Reo, is sure to be a hit  around the country. Ages 3+ Paperback $19.99
Kuwi & Friends Maori Picture Dictionary
Kat Quin and Pania Papa (NZ Authors)
This is my favourite picture dictionary ever, and believe me, as an ex-language teacher I’ve seen lots of them. The book is beautifully illustrated and produced. It has large format matt pages with subdued background colours and bright lovingly detailed illustrations. I love the way, it includes some hints on pronunciation, and culture and myth. It’s cool also that the Maori words are front and centre in bold and the English is smaller. There is so much to look at and learn in this book -a real treasure Hardback $34.99
Ice Breaker; An Epic Antarctic Adventure
by Maria Gill and Alistair Hughes (NZ Author and illustrator)
This year’s Margaret Mahy Medal winner, Maria Gill’s latest book is about the epic journey of Ernest Shakelton and his crew -told from the perspective of New Zealander, Captain Frank Worsley. This illustrated picture book makes the true story of hardship and endurance accessible for younger readers. Great watercolour illustrations by Alaistair Hughes, capture the remoteness, the cold and the bravery of the men who all survived. A story every child will be gripped by.
Hardback Ages 6+ $27.99
Everybody Counts
by Kristin Roskifte
A fun and unique counting and seek and find book which has won many awards in the maker’s home country of Norway. For the number 1 “One person. He is lying in bed counting his heartbeats. He wonders how many people are looking at the same stars right now’ and on page 3 “Three people on a podium. Two of them are thrilled to be in the top 3.” The accompanying clever illustrations show the people in colour but the rest of the drawing in simple blue lines. And as the book gathers momentum, and the numbers of people get bigger, the colour starts to fill up the pages. This multi layered book is about humanity and how all of us have our own unique stories.”Everybody counts. One of them is you!” It will demand many re-reads. Ages 5+
Hardback $27.99
What's the Point of Maths?
Published by Dorling Kindersley
A question parents may often hear is answered beautifully in this book from DK. It uses examples from history and modern times to show how maths impacts on our lives and is used in so many ways. There are chapters on numbers and counting, shapes and measuring, patterns and sequences, data and statistics and probability and logic. From using triangles to measure the height of your house, to making secret codes and finding the best route to school, the fascinating information in this book is bound to convince the sceptic that yes, maths is important and maybe even quite fun!  Ages 8+ Hardback $30
by Selina Tusitala Marsh (NZ author)
This superb graphic novel/picture book by our previous poet laureate is inspirational. From hating her huge ‘mop’ of curly hair as a child, she traces her journey through anguish and inspiration to becoming a woman who claims her hair and her voice. The book is funny, but as Gavin Bishop says in the blurb on the back -”like all good funny stories, it has a sting in the tail”. Children will really relate to this story of a Pasifika child overcoming teasing, and yes, racism, on the way to becoming a successful and highly regarded poet - her own person. Ages 7+
Hardback $24.99
White Lies, Maori Legends and Fairytales
by Falstaff Dowling-Mitchell (NZ author)
Small town Waikato is the setting for this story of friendship, family, culture and change. Narrator Pete is 12-years-old. He’s small and gets picked on-especially on the rugby field by the biggest and best player Wiremu. His dad wants him to try out for the under 14s rugby team but he’s not up to tackling Wiremu. His mum has up and left and his sister is always smirking at him. The new principal st school is really anti-tikanga Maori, won’t let the Kapa Haka team practise and has a weird daughter. But Pete does have some good times - with his best friend John. They do everything together, until, that is, John gets sick. Falstaff Dowling-Mitchell has written a moving, funny and real New Zealand novel, with believable interesting characters, who grow and develop as they deal with hardship and change. Highly recommended for 10 -14 year-olds.
Paperback $30 (A Notable Book 2020)
Seagull Seagull
by James K Baxter and Kieran Rynhart (NZ author and illustrator)
It's been a few years since James K. Baxter's Children's poems were available in book form so it's great to see this lovely book from Gecko Press featuring 20 poems from 'The Tree House'.  Each poem has been illustrated beautifully by Kieran Rynhart and as always with Gecko books the production is gorgeous. The book is slightly smaller than A4, easy to hold, hardback and will be a great addition to any family library $29.99 Ages 4+.
by Frida Nilsson
Following the ups and downs of 6-year-old Hattie’s first year at school is such a delight. She is a girl with verve and a big heart who gets herself into all sorts of scrapes. I love how she feeds cream to the tadpoles and puts soap into annoying Richard’s water bottle - then later lives to regret it. Beautifully written, this book is a classic in Sweden and has been expertly translated by Gecko Press’ publisher Julia Marshall. Paperback $19.99
In the Key of Code
by Aimee Lucido
Emmy comes from a musical family but moving to a new town and new school, she feels completely out of tune. At the coding club at school, she meets Abigail and a new friendship and language develops. Emmy finds her own kind of coding music.You don't do coding? You're not particularly musical? Poetry leaves you cold? Don't worry about it! This book combines all three and is brilliant for any reader because it's about friendship and finding your voice and your place in the world. I loved it. (Review by Kathleen) Ages 10-14. Paperback $18.99
The Republic of Birds
by Jessica Miller
This book takes us on a fantastic journey. Not only do we travel through the fictionalised land of Russia, but Olga travels from being stuck in "girls-only" pursuits (well really, who ever heard of a girl being a cartographer!) and from the indoctrinated fear of the Birds and of magic. Olga is a great character - I love how amusing her tone is both when talking about others and about herself, and I love how she faces her fears. This book had me spellbound. (Review by Kathleen) Ages 8-12. Paperback $21.00
Into the Deep
by James Olstein
Sea week (29th Feb to 8th March) is over but that shoudn't stop you checking out our exceptional non-fiction books about the sea. Into the Deep is a stunning hardback book that takes us on a journey into the deepest part of the sea where we meet many of the unusual species that lurk below and learn about the latest deep sea science. Annika Siems's incredible art work combines with scientist Wolfgang Dreyer’s text to make an engrossing book. Great for anyone 8 and over.
Hardback $55
Lost Wonders; Vanisehd Creatures of Aotearoa 
by Sarah Ell (NZ Author)
Lost Wonders is a fascinating, easy to read account of some of New Zealand’s lost and almost lost species. From Moa to Huia and the Great Short Tailed Bat, the stories of their extinction have one thing in common - the arrival of humans and their associated predators to this isolated group of islands. Sarah Ell does a great job, using a narrative style to keep the stories about each species interesting and relevant to contemporary times. An excellent book for anyone interested in NZ history and natural science. Ages 8+  Paperback $24.99
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